July 12, 2016


Background Material


SSI Annual Statistical Report, 2014 (Office of Research, Evaluation and Statistics, SSA)

2015 Annual Report of the SSI Program  (Office of the Chief Actuary, SSA)

Resource Limit Rules and the Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Act

SSA’s fact sheet on the resource limits

National Disability Institute background on the ABLE Act

ABLE National Resource Center

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, Policy Brief: Protecting Low-Income Families' Savings

The Retirement Security Project Report: Protecting Low-income Families' Savings 

The Heritage Foundation's Report: How the ABLE Act Would Expand the Welfare State


In-Kind Support and Maintenance (ISM) Rules

SSA’s fact sheet on living arrangements and ISM

SSA research on simplifying ISM:  "Simplifying the Supplemental Security Income Program: Options for Eliminating the Counting of In-kind Support and Maintenance", 2008


Poverty Policy

House Speaker Paul Ryan's "A Better Way: Our Vision for a Confident America"

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities Commentary: House GOP's Attention to Poverty is Welcome, but Plan is Seriously Flawed

Daniel Hatcher's The Poverty Industry: How Foster Care Agencies Exploit Children in their Care


The SSI Program for Children

SSA Background on the Youth Transition Demonstration

SSA Background on Promoting Readiness of Minors in the SSI Program (PROMISE)

Congressional Research Service Report on Foster Care: "Child Welfare: Health Care Needs of Children in Foster Care and Related Federal Issues", 2014.

Mathematica Policy Research's Evaluation of the Promoting the Readiness of Minors in Supplemental Security Income PROMISE Grants


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