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Board releases summary of roundtable on SSA's research agenda
Posted on: 11/17/2017

Today the Social Security Advisory Board announces the release of a new document: “Research Roundtable Summary: Participants’ views on a long-range research agenda for the Social Security Administration.” In August 2017, the board held a roundtable discussion in Washington, DC with scholars from around the country who were asked to suggest ideas for a long-range Social Security research agenda and to discuss the data needs they think are required to carry out that agenda. Additional scholars who did not attend the meeting submitted written suggestions. The document being released today summarizes thoughts and recommendations from over 30 individuals who participated in this process.

Board releases 2016 Annual Report
Posted on: 9/1/2017

The Social Security Advisory Board announces the release of its 2016 Annual Report detailing the events, publications, meetings, and site visits completed by the Board during the calendar year 2016.

Technical Panel on Labor Force Participation Delivers Its Final Report to the Board
Posted on: 6/30/2017

Recognizing that future labor supply is an important determinant of future GDP, tax revenues, and other variables central to the projections of the Social Security Trustees, the Social Security Advisory Board commissioned a panel of labor economists to review the projections of labor force participation rates by the Office of the Chief Actuary, and make recommendation to improve them. The Panel delivered its final report to the Board, June 30th. The Office of the Chief Actuary also released a document describing its perspective on the findings of the Technical Panel. Both documents are available here along with other material related to the proceedings of the Panel.

Board Launches a New Series of Chart Collections on the Social Security Retirement Program
Posted on: 4/3/2017
To recognize April as National Social Security Month the Social Security Advisory Board is launching of a new set of charts and data related to retirement.
POLICY FORUM: Board Holds Public Forum on Making Improvements to the Rep Payee Program, March 27
Posted on: 2/14/2017

On March 27th, 2017, the Social Security Advisory Board hosted a public forum to discuss the Social Security Administration’s representative payee program. Currently, more than six million payees manage $80 billion in Social Security and Supplemental Security Income benefits for more than 3.5 million adults and 4 million children determined to be incapable of managing their benefits. Projections indicate that the number of people needing assistance will increase dramatically in the coming decades as the population ages. The forum participants discussed the process of determining capacity, best practices, collaborative efforts and new approaches from the front lines, necessary oversight, program evaluation and preparing for the future. Visit the Forum homepage for more information. 

Board Visits San Francisco Region
Posted on: 5/25/2016

On May 2-4, the Board visited the Social Security Administration's San Francisco Region, headquartered in Richmond, CA, for a series of meetings with  executives, managers, and front-line employees of the agency. During this trip, the Board focused on representative payee issues.

REPORT TO THE BOARD: Independent Report on the Promoting Opportunity Demonstration Project Delivered to Board
Posted on: 5/25/2016

The Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 extended the Social Security Administration’s authority to conduct demonstration projects and mandated implementation of the Promoting Opportunity Demonstration Project to encourage work for those receiving Social Security disability benefits. SSAB commissioned Michael Wiseman, Research Professor of Public Policy, Public Administration, and Economics at The George Washington University to write a report to the Board evaluating the design of the new demonstration project. The report reflects the views solely of Prof. Wiseman.  

Board Appoints Technical Panel on Labor Supply to Inform the Trustees' Projections
Posted on: 4/7/2016

The Social Security Advisory Board has appointed members of a Technical Panel to examine future trends in labor supply, a key factor in the Trustees projections of revenues and expenditures of the Social Security programs. Robert A. Moffitt, Krieger-Eisenhower Professor of Economics at Johns Hopkins University and former editor of the American Economic Review, will chair the panel. The other members include: Gary Burtless, John C. and Nancy D. Whitehead Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution; Chinhui Juhn, Henry Graham Professor of Economics at the University of Houston; Kevin M. Murphy, George J. Stigler Distinguished Service Professor of Economics in the Department of Economics and Graduate School of Business, University of Chicago, winner of a MacArthur Prize and the John Bates Clark Medal; and  Kathleen McGarry, Professor of Economics at UCLA.


Henry Aaron delivers keynote address to SSDI Solutions Initiative
Posted on: 4/6/2016

Board Chair Henry J. Aaron delivered the keynote address to to the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) Solutions Initiative recommendations release event, sponsored by the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget in Washington DC, April 6, 2016. To read the remarks, click the read more link below. Video of his remarks is available courtesy of CRFB. Additional information about the SSDI Solutions initiative can be found on their website.

REPORT: Board Issues <i>A Call to Action</i> to Address the Rep Payee Program
Posted on: 3/23/2016

More than 8 million Americans receiving Social Security and Supplemental Security Income use an SSA appointed representative payee to receive and manage their approximately $77 billion in benefits. In the first of a planned series of issue briefs, Representative Payees: A Call to Action, the Social Security Advisory Board calls on policymakers to reexamine SSA's representative payee program to better ensure that beneficiaries are protected.  Policymakers should review SSA's procedures for appointing, selecting, training and monitoring payees, and develop a plan for identifying beneficiaries with declining financial capability. These issues are not unique to Social Security and also need to be addressed in any program, public or private, where the ability of a benefit recipient or client to manage their own financial affairs is in question.

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